Written on the 20th.

I am not obligated to indulge the feelings of my enemies.
It is not and never has been my job to hear out hatred. The idea that the middle ground is the best, and that all voices deserve “equal time” is fallacious to its core. The only thing that comes from seeing the special snowflakey humanity of my enemies, is enemies who feel validated as they aim to kill my brethren. And of course, I know damn well that nobody on the other side would ever bother to consider my own humanity. Why waste time hoping for some kind of relationship or dialogue? If racists want dialogue, they have eachother. If misogynist and transmisogynists need their feelings coddled and their humanity seen, they have eachother [and the world].
What about the poor white people? The broke, angry whites in rural America, so oppressed and sick of having to fucking share their country and live on equal footing with all the other races like grownups?
What about the broke white people scared for their jobs, that totally left overseas? Their feelings, their sadness and anger? About Republicans of color, fed up and wanting change? About liberals who voted Republican because they hated the establishment and just felt lukewarm about Clinton? Consider racist America’s feelings! They feel so rejected by people who treat PoC like humans!
My response? I don’t give a fuck about you, your stories, your hopes, your dreams, your life, your loved ones and whatever commonalities we might have.
I don’t give a shit about building bridges anymore. Cry harder, bitches. Your tantrums enliven me. Your tears nourish me. I will relish your kind’s death throes as you drown under the waves of progress. Because I know damn well, somewhere, you’re typing these same exact words about me.

[Also, I will eat a whole fucking cake if whites start replacing the undocumented workforce in droves.]

To white liberals shocked about this: Welcome to America. We’ve been waiting for you. I came of age hearing Trumplike rhetoric babbled around me by those in my personal circle. There were mini-Trumps at my school, in my church, at the store, on TV, everywhere. All that happened on election night was America just being itself. How you feel? How you felt on election night? That’s how I felt and feel every single day of my life. That sense of defeat? Maybe fear? Anger? Powerlessness as the words “President Trump” roll around your mind? That’s just what I wake up to on a -good- day. If this caught you off guard, maybe you’re not as aware of where you live as you think you are. And pretending we live in a place where we’re “post-racial” and “colorblind” is outrightly murderous horseshit.
And in case it needs to be stated, I don’t believe that all white people are racists. I don’t believe that all racists are white, and I acknowledge that Black people can be anti-Black and anti-Latinx, anti-Asian and other forms of racist as well, though far from the way that white kids crying about BLM being “racist” would have me acknowledge. Black people who hate white people are no big fucking deal, suck it the fuck up and go sit on your mat.
So in final, TL;DR: Fuck you, and fuck your fee-fees.


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